The Tidbit No Longer Endorses The Buddy Bandana

October, 2020: After multiple attempts to contact The Buddy Bandana in order to receive information on donations from their end, I received no response. After more research, I have no choice but to determine that this is a scam. Please do not give them your money if you’re looking to help animals in need. If you want the bandanas or other products, you will receive that. However, if you want to donate to help animals in shelters, etc., please donate directly to those organizations.


The Tidbit (along with Tidbits of Teddy) is proud to sport the The Buddy Bandana look, as funds raised by bandana sales to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need.

Untitled Design

The Buddy Bandana is born in Boston in 2019. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for rescue organizations across the country. Each year approximately 1.5 Million shelter animals are euthanized, (670,000 dogs). We pride ourselves on donating to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need.


  1. Laura

    What percentage of the earnings do they send to the shelters? What shelters do they help?
    I have been researching TBB and I have a very hard time believing they’re little more than a scam. I welcome anyone reading this to do their own research.


    1. Taylor Leddin

      Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment. I do believe you’re right. I have attempted to contact them several times after they said they would send information on their donations. Thank you for reminding me to update this article and let people know not to spend their money there like I did!


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