Fall in Love With Reading this Autumn: 5 Recommendations

As the leaves start to change and the weather starts to chill, we begin to look for indoor activities. In my opinion, there’s no better activity than curling up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. With that in mind, The Tidbit has some recommendations of page turners for everyone – read on!

Fall in Love With Reading this Autumn: 5 Recommendations

IMG_6429Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet by Weiqi Wang
This is the third in Wang’s sci-fi series, and this installment continues to seek the connection between magic and science; this is what serves as the inspiration behind this series. Much like its title, the book is filled with colorful imagery and is a series you’ll get sucked into on a chilly fall day.

Teatime in the Graveyard by Kate CatalinaIMG_6430
This book can be described in one word: ethereal. But, I’ll continue on. Catalina’s collection of short stories and poems haunt with whimsy. The main short story is set in New England, which is the quintessential location for autumn. Each word is hand selected and finds its rightful place on its respective page.

Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better
by Madisen Kuhn
This is the second book in Madisen Kuhn’s collection of poetry, where she gives raw insight to her place in the world. Words come to life and will take you through a series of emotions. Her first book, Eighteen, is equally as well-done, but her second book stands out with honesty.

Whiskey Business: Memoirs of a Millennial Artist by Scott Straka IMG_6432
This book – written by the hilarious and honest celebrity portrait artist, Scott Straka – follows the world of art, conventions, and being your own boss. Through his stories, Straka strings together a theme of pointing out the importance of following your dreams. Whether you know him or you’re just learning about him, by the end, you’ll feel like you’re part of Scott’s Entourage.

Travels With Sushi in the Land of the Mind
by Eduard Shyfrin
And finally, a recommendation for our younger readers. This book bridges science and friendship. The book comes full of amazing illustrations by Tomislav Tomic, and even comes with a set of real chopsticks, so readers can truly travel with sushi.


Be sure to keep an eye on The Tidbit’s Instagram, as one or two of these books just might be featured in a giveaway!

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