Tips For Befriending Your Stress with Dr. Terry Lyles

Stress is something that makes its way into our everyday lives. There’s ways to deal with it, but no way to eradicate it completely. With that in mind, doesn’t it seem like something you’d want to try and make the best of? We think so! This is why we sought out the expertise of Dr. Terry Lyles – author of Performance Under Pressure: Crack Your Personal Stress Code and Live the Life of Your Dreams – about ways to best deal with and understand stress – especially with the most wonderful (and stressful) time of year coming around the corner.

The Tidbit: Stress is unavoidable, especially as the seasons change and the holidays come upon us. What is your number one tip for combating stress?

Dr. Terry Lyles: 1. Connect with difficult friends and family members before meeting in person over the holiday season. 2. Prepare to increase energy and attention levels throughout the holidays to maximize the opportunity to enjoy the people and the festivities.

TT: Your new book, Performance Under Pressure: Crack Your Personal Stress Code and Live the Life of Your Dreams, deals with stress codes. What is that and why is it important that individuals be in-tune with the concept?

DTL: The concept is based on years of research training professional performers to access their ideal performance state to unleash talent and skill under pressure on demand. Everyone should know how to unlock their personal Stress Code because it is the after-burner switch that summons the best of our energy and talent at work and at home.  This code is unique to everyone and requires the correct pass code chosen by the individual and is discussed in detail within “Performance Under Pressure.”

TT: Stress often gets a bad reputation. Do you believe that stress can ever be a good thing?

DTL: Stress is both good and bad just as gravity and must be navigated daily to maximize the full potential of individual health, happiness, and productivity. Understanding how to convert bad stress into good stress is another secret ingredient of great performers and it starts with the definition we give it within our mind/body capacities. Great performers call this gravity competition and the rest of us consider it a threat thus the conversion option is the power that is also loaded into the personal stress code.

TT: How do you recommend moving from a negative state of mind to a positive one?

DTL: It starts with a mind set of threat to challenge response that allows the mind to shift very quickly when the focus is on the right object. Worry is simply negative meditation due to the selected object of focus at any given time, but change the object of focus to a positive image and the emotions will follow on demand.

TT: How can one recognize physical and emotional markers, and break the cycle to neutralize the anxiety?

DTL: Anxiety has a mind/body signature that can be recognized through thought and emotion awareness that move in a threatening direction away from a calm and relaxed chemical reaction and identifying the personal stress code programming is the key to this anxiety triggering exercise.

TT: What is next in your studies/research regarding stress?

DTL: The next study in progress now for me is the positive and negative effects on the use of technology (techno-stress) on our mind/body adaptation skill set. This is mentioned in “Performance Under Pressure” but the full study will be complete next year from the bio metric testing and measuring this year.

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