Hi, I’m Taylor Leddin and this is The Tidbit


“Thank you” to all of the new followers and a “Thank You Again” to all of the long-time followers! I’m happy that you’re all here.

My name is Taylor Leddin, and I’m the odd brain behind The Tidbit, which is a blog-style magazine that focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, art, etc. I try to angle-in on Chicago as much as possible, but often skew out nationally. My favorite articles are those that feature an interview, as I get a kick out of sharing people’s stories.

As much as I try to whittle down and have some sort of rhyme or reason for my content, it never seems to work. So, I’m just going to let The Tidbit be The Tidbit – a little bit about a lot of things. We do giveaways, a song of the day on Instagram, and feature fun guest posts.

The Tidbit came to life in June 2018 and has featured many pops of culture and styles of life. I’m always open to suggestions, as well as reviewing contributing posts. Drop me a line via email (thetidbitinfo@gmail.com) or on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Thank you for joining this silly little journey!



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