New Book “Little Hands Help” Reviewed Through the Eyes of a 4-Year Old

Upon learning of the new children’s book, Little Hands Help – the book that encourages children to take initiative and encourages adults to allow children the space to do so – I wanted to find out what my favorite 4-year old thought of the story. The book, by Dr. Michael Morrison  and Mackenzie Morrison – and illustrated by Nina Summer – follows a young girl named Angela who is frustrated that her parents never allow her to help them with their projects. She thinks that her small hands are to blame, and calls a family meeting to explain to her parents that she has the ability to help them do more than just make her bed and pick up her toys. This lets her parents know that they’ve been suppressing Angela’s need to mature in her responsibilities.

Finley, The Tidbit’s youngest book critic, and Taylor.

For a book like this, would anyone really want the input of a 25-year old? Probably not. So, let’s go back to the aforementioned 4-year old. I sat down with Little Finley and we read the book together. When we finished, Fin requested we read it again. That’s a pretty solid sign of an enjoyable book. Finley described the book as, “Good!” and she enjoyed that Angela was shown succeeding in school in terms of helping her friends. She also made note that she liked Angela’s dress.

The book has a solid message, and fun illustrations. It might go a bit over the heads of kids 5 and younger, but could resonate with kids a tad older. If you’re having trouble getting your kids interested in helping around the house, maybe give this book a try.

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