Iconic Central Perk Couch from ‘Friends’ On Worldwide Tour

Yeah, you read that right. And, if you get the chance, you should definitely sit on it because it’s very comfortable.

According to WLS, “The TV series Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary and you can see that famous orange couch from the show here in Chicago this weekend.

The iconic piece of furniture was a centerpiece of every episode and it’s on a worldwide tour. The couch made its first stop at the Grand Canyon.

The “Friends” couch is on display at the Willis Tower Skydeck Friday and Sunday and it’s at Maggie Daley Park Saturday.

For more information on the couch’s tour, visit Warner Brothers’ website.

Warner Bros. is hitting the Friends’ 25th anniversary celebration with intensity, as there’s talk of bringing episodes to theaters, and Ralph Lauren announcing a clothing line inspired by Rachel Greene. That is some seriously well-done PR.

The iconic couch is usually on display at Warner Bros. in Burbank, CA, where fans of the series can tour the lot and see some of the outdoor spots that Friends was filmed. There is even a Central Perk coffee shop beside the re-staged set of the show’s Central Perk (which is currently short one couch).

Comment below about your speculations of what the couch’s tour requirements are! First-class accommodations, sparkling water, etc.

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