The Nutrition Hub Brings Health and Positivity to Frankfort; Expanding to Mokena Oct. 1

Purple Haze tea and a Blueberry Muffin shake.

I’ll be honest, up until about a year ago, eating healthy wasn’t a priority of mine. It wasn’t until I began to feel bogged down both physically and mentally by the things I was choosing to eat that I decided to make a change. This involved planning out meals in advance to avoid the convenience of the drive-thru, and also consisted of taking the time to learn about what I should be feeding myself. Since my idea of gourmet consists of making Top Ramen on a stove top, I figured some outside help would be a necessity in the process to becoming a healthier person.

This was when I finally decided to try Nutrition Hub, a local nutrition bar offering a variety of healthy shakes and teas that serve as a meal. It didn’t take long for me to see what people had been raving about, and the shakes quickly became a staple in my diet.  I opted to try one of the Hub’s healthy eating programs – the 5 Day Fat Burner Program. This program consists of:

  • 5 Days of Healthy Smoothie and metabolism boosting breakfast (Pick up at Nutrition Bar)
  • 5 Shots of Hunger Control and Fat Reduction in your smoothies
  • Tanita Wellness Profile
  • Challenge Manual
  • Snack and Meal Plan
  • Private Chat Group
  • Personal Health Coach

I started by going in to Nutrition Hub two days before I would start and got measured. The measurements give me insight to things like BMI, water weight, muscle weight, etc. From there, I received a challenge manual that was a helpful guide with the overall process and what I should get in terms of groceries. After grocery shopping, I planned out my week based on the guide. (Naturally, I did this in the dorkiest way possible.)


Not only did having frequent, but smaller meals throughout the day help me to feel more energized, this helped me focus on the importance of drinking enough water everyday. (Most days, I’m good about this. But, on the days that I’m not, I can really tell a difference.)

So, what were the results? I felt more energized, and my body seemed happy that I was feeding it better quality food than McDonald’s. I also lost weight and decreased my metabolic age. Overall, I just felt lighter – in both a physical and mental.

The Nutrition Hub is dedicated to providing healthy options and energizing lifestyles. “We bring a healthier alternative to have a healthy meal – mostly breakfast because of the convenience – but also an opportunity to build a community inside of straight positivity!” said co-owner, Christopher Fritza.

The Frankfort location is at 7952 W. Lincoln Hwy, and a second location is opening October 1 in Mokena at 18700 S. Wolf Road. Follow them on Instagram!

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