Emmy-Nominated Melvin Timtim discusses “World Of Dance” Success

Renowned choreographer, Melvin Timtim, was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work with S-Rank on World of Dance. We talked with Timtim about the nomination, and the work that goes into choreography.
“World of Dance” choreography – Photo Courtesy of Impact24 PR
The Tidbit: Congratulations on the Emmy nomination! How did you feel when you got the news?

Melvin Timtim: It honestly took a while to set in. I felt shocked, honored and blessed, especially to be nominated alongside such dedicated and talented choreographers. I also felt an amazing sense of pride for my team, S-Rank. We worked incredibly hard, and though our time on World of Dance was already unbelievable, to be recognized by my peers is the cherry on top of this experience.
TT: How has your life changed since working on World of Dance with S-Rank?
I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work on some larger-scale projects. Prior to the show, I had already traveled overseas for some opportunities and taught. Since the show I am traveling more and have received more opportunities, and the rest of the crew has received significant opportunities as well. I’m actually on a teaching tour in Asia right now!
TT: What are some aspects of being a choreographer that most people don’t know?
There are so many aspects that go into being a choreographer, and it absolutely entails more than dancing. Firstly, it’s important to stay creative, and use that creativity and artistic ability to constantly come up with new ideas. I am always looking to evolve and expand, and find new moves, steps and combinations. What draws me to dance is that it’s a perfect medium for me to express myself – it’s a way to tell ideas and stories to an audience. You’ll notice that’s why we are so expressive when we perform. Choreography involves the entire body.
Secondly, it’s important to stay healthy and physically fit. With the type of dance I choreograph especially, I have to stay flexible and maintain strength. Take care of your body – it’s your main tool! We all definitely could’ve used more sleep during World of Dance.
Most importantly, bring every ounce of passion you have to the table every single day. Passion is what drives me more than anything. Get inspired and stay inspired. I would not be at the level that I am without the love that I have for what I do.
TT: What advice do you have for people looking to break into the world of performing arts?
It can be hard. You have to keep at it, and do it every single day. The biggest thing is you can never give up. Keep pushing, keep grinding, keep working hard.
TT: What’s next for you and S-Rank?
I’ve been working on some shows overseas and hope to continue that same type of work in the US as well. I would also love to do some choreography work for movies or TV. That would be a dream come true.

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