Comedian Matthew Patrick Torres Talks Chicago Comedy Scene

Chicago-local Matthew Patrick Torres sits down with The Tidbit to talk about comedy and podcasts. Keep an eye on his social media (links below) to catch an upcoming performance!
The Tidbit: Tell us a bit about your background. How did you catch the bug for comedy?

Matthew Patrick Torres: I think I’ve always tried to make people laugh, when I was in the Marine Corps we always joked and laughed to make the time go by quicker.
TT: What’s the Chicago comedy scene like? How did you get your start?
MPT: It’s a pretty cool scene, everybody is kind and supportive for the most part. I started by doing Improv but dont tell anyone, shhhh [laughs].
TT: What are the biggest challenges about being a comedian that most people may not realize?
MPT: Money I guess, it doesn’t pay much unless you are already super successful, but then you don’t need money.
TT: You’re also the host of The Fifteen Minute Break Podcast. Tell us about that show and where the idea came from?

MPT: I had a friend Horacio Ramirez we started the podcast together, he passed away and now I’m trying to keep it alive as long as I can!
TT: What upcoming shows are on your calendar? 
MPT: Bad Waves, at The Laugh Factory August 19!!! Come one come all!
TT: Where can people follow you and find some of your material? 
MPT: Matthew Patrick Torres is what I put every social media account under, find me, stalk me, send positive energy my way!

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