Soundtrack of the Week: That ’70s Show

Welcome to our new column: Soundtrack of the Week! The first soundtrack to be appreciated is that of the delightful 1998 – 2006 sitcom, That ’70s Show.

Anyone that knows me, knows That ’70s Show is my jam; and that’s due, in part, to the jams. Of course the first song that comes to mind for everyone is Cheap Trick’s “In The Street”, which served as the show’s theme for its eight-year run (though it was performed by Todd Griffin for the first season). However, if you listen closer, there are a few golden nuggets of 70s sound splendor.

Some of the standouts include: “I Like Dreamin'” by Kenny Nolan, “We Gotta Get You A Woman” by Todd Rundgren, and “Strange Magic” by ELO. But if I had to pick one song from the soundtrack to give a listen to, it would be “So Very Hard To Go” by Tower of Power. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s kind of a downer; a downer equip with a slightly upbeat tempo and there’s so much emotion in the 3-minute song.

(The fact that it’s 3-minutes reminds me of my past life. In college, I didn’t have a toaster, but I was a major fan of frozen waffles. In the mornings, I’d make waffles in the oven, and would time them by listening to this song. They baked perfectly every time, and now whenever I hear this tune, I crave blueberry waffles.)

With this new column comes a Spotify playlist so you can sing along on the recommendations. Click below to follow the playlist!


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