Tidbits of a Beauty Routine


Growing up, I was never really versed in make up and hair products. It took until I was about 20 and started working at a salon that I became interested in, not only the hair products but, beauty products in general.

Since then, I’ve (slowly) been learning more and more about a variety of products and have been implementing them into my daily routine. Let me share the ones that I swear by.


TheraBreath* has quickly become my favorite mouthwash because, not only does it leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh for hours, it does not have that intense taste of alcohol that most mouthwash does. It tastes more like a flavored water and does not leave a stinging aftertaste.



Unite’s 7Seconds spray is a must for post-shower hair. I have really thick and easily tangled hair, but a few sprays of this after washing my hair makes a world of difference. I try to towel dry a bit before spraying it in so that it doesn’t get diluted by the excess water. You can then air or blow dry.



Jelly Pong Pong’s lip scrub has been a lip-saver this winter. I like it use it before bed, after brushing my teeth. I then put lip balm on and this little routine helps my lips stay moisturized while sleeping.



Another thing that’s helped immensely during the rough winter months is Lancôme’s Génifique serum. I put this on after washing my face, right before putting on my moisturizer. It’s helped my skin stay hydrated and super soft.

Sadly, I don’t only get dark under eyes in the winter months. This combo is a must all year long as I have a tendency to constantly look tired. Even if I’m not wearing make up, I still put this on after my serum and mositurizer to brighten up my face. First, I put the NYX concealer on by hand, rub it in, and then brush the Maybelline Age Rewind on top (working that in as well).

Comment below some of your favorite, underrated products!

*TheraBrush has provided samples to The Tidbit for review. This does not influence the honesty of the review.

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