Tidbits of Trivia: Lea Thompson & Christopher Lloyd

dennis the menace.jpg

This inaugural Tidbit Trivia Tuesday is inspired by my brother’s current fixation with 1993’s Dennis the Menace. In this film, Lea Thompson plays mom to young Dennis, while Christopher Lloyd plays the creepy neighborhood vagabond who eventually kidnaps Dennis.

This makes for Thompson and Lloyd’s fourth collaboration together, as they both starred in all three installments of the Back to the Future trilogy.

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, and Lea Thompson in “Back to the Future” (photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

What’s crazy is, even though they’ve been in six* movies together, the only bit of on-screen dialogue they share is in the original Back to the Future when the characters exchange an awkward “hello.”

While they may not have said much on screen, they’ve shared a lot together over the years; and now appear with co-star Michael J. Fox at fan conventions around the world.

They did keep their dynamic the same – in both Back to the Future and Dennis the Menace, Lea Thompson plays the mother of a young man/boy who somehow gets mixed up with the likes of Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric character.

(*Update: this article was shared on Twitter, which received the following response.)

lea thompson tweet

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