How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter in Illinois can be just as tough on the mind as it is the body. Our moods tend to take a hit as the decrease in temperature positively correlates to a decrease in happiness. Rather than sit and yearn for summer, learn some ways to actively step out of a winter funk.


1. Plan spring break.

While this isn’t always the most fiscally responsible fix, there are some trips to warmer places that won’t break the bank. Try looking on Groupon or Kayak for getaway options. Skip to number 3 and invite your friends! You can make a night of it by getting together with a group and planning out your vacation. And, maybe even chat about it over margaritas or daiquiris to help you ignore the tundra outside.


2. Exercise.

This may be one of the biggest “no duh” suggestions ever, but it really works. Elle Woods summed it up perfectly when she said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Exercise is a natural way to enhance your mood, which is particularly helpful in rough winter months.


3. Stay social.

While it’s easy to stay instead and watch Netflix for the duration of winter, keep in mind the importance of staying social. Invite friends over for a movie night or organize a group dinner. Keeping in touch with friends is a great way to increase your mood.


4. Be a kid again.

If there is a decent snow this winter, take a cue from item number three and gather your friends together for snow activities. While we may be “too old for this,” it can be fun to revert back to your childhood by having a snowball fight or making snow angels.


5. Take your vitamins.

During the winter, we often suffer from a lack of exposure to sunshine. As a result, we also get a lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known for playing an important role in our mood, so don’t let it escape you. Pick up some Vitamin D supplements during your next shopping trip as a way to increase your mood.

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