Little Things to be Grateful For

Everyday, there are so many little things in life that we let pass us by without a second thought. But it’s always good to stop and think about the small things and take a second to appreciate them. Below are 10 little things in life we often take for granted but should be grateful for. Comment your favorite simple pleasures!

1. Waking up thinking it’s a weekday but then realizing it’s Saturday.
2. When you find cash in your pocket that you forget was there.
3. Hitting every green light when driving somewhere.
4. The first nice day of the year when you can drive with your windows down.
5. Going to bed with no alarm set for the next morning.
6. Hearing a song for the first time and falling completely in love with it.
7. Getting something unexpected in the mail.
8. Getting a surprise visitor you’re actually happy to see.
9. Having lazy Sundays with no responsibilities where you can binge watch Netflix all day.
10. That beautiful moment when you’re out to eat and see the server approaching with your food.

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