Reasons We Still Love Rachel (Even If Netflix Doesn’t)

News broke this week that Netflix is taking Friends off of their instant streaming come 2019. People are kind of freaking, but I’m too busy thinking about how long Friends has been around (also, I don’t really care about the Netflix news…I grabbed the complete series on DVD years ago).

It’s crazy to me that the show ended almost 15 years ago; especially since I remember watching the series finale (live) like it was yesterday. Most of the TV shows I enjoyed growing up are no longer ones that I really care about, but Friends has always remained my all-time favorite.

Aside from the great writing, the relatable storylines, and the ultimate definition of squad goals, Friends has been able to stand the test of time due to its amazing set of characters. My favorite character is Rachel Green.

Now that I’m in my 20s, I have been able to relate to Rachel like I never have before. In honor of, arguably, the greatest TV character of all-time, I’ve complied a list of reasons why we still love Rachel after all these years:


1. She’s brave.

From the first episode, she showed her courageous side by leaving Barry at the altar. From then on, she blazed her own trail becoming financially independent from her parents and starting a whole new life in the city.


2. She’s realistic.

As she goes along her journey, Rachel is far from perfect. From learning to do her own laundry to being a not-so-great waitress, the first few seasons show Rachel grow up and become responsible for herself; something that many of us are going through now.


3. She doesn’t take any crap.

Between dumping Paolo for hitting on Phoebe and standing her ground with the “we were on a break” nonsense, Rachel doesn’t take any crap when it comes to relationships.


4. She has great fashion sense.

Let’s just let these gifs speak for themselves.


5. She’s a wonderful friend.

Whether helping Chandler quit smoking, helping Joey with his lines, or helping Monica and Phoebe through break-ups, Rachel showed what it is to be a true friend.


6. She’s hilarious. 

Throughout the show, Rachel’s wit showed off her intelligence and made her adored by viewers everywhere.


7. She understands the struggles of a crush.

Whether throwing a fake party as an excuse to hang out with Joshua or fawning over her cute assistant, Rachel knows the trials and tribulations of being “in like”.


8. She has the best hair in TV history.

How many TV characters have a haircut named after them? The Rachel refers to Jennifer Aniston’s super-layered style in season two. However, her hair was on point throughout the entire show.


9. She’s a great mom.

Though Ross was in the picture, Rachel dealt with single motherhood head on. And, not many moms are cool enough to rap “Baby Got Back” to their newborns.


10. She taught us how to get over a significant other. 

The iconic episode in which Rachel leaves Ross a voicemail saying she’s over him, taught us all about “closure”. She knows that, in order to move past a failed relationship, closure is the key.


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