Shows To Watch To Get Into The Thanksgiving Spirit

Thanksgiving tends to be the holiday that gets lost in the shuffle of attention. There are hardly any Thanksgiving movies, like there are Christmas and Halloween movies. People don’t tend to decorate very much for Turkey Day. However, this third Thursday in November has always been my favorite as it’s usually a laid back day with family and friends, and lots of laughs. Speaking of lots of laughs, here’s the shows you should check out to get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Image result for the one where ross got high

  1. Friends – Obviously this list has to start by acknowledging that every Thanksgiving-themed episode of Friends is worth watching. My personal favorite is “The One Where Ross Got High” because there is so much witty banter and the parental guidance of Jack and Judy Geller. You’ll also get some baking tips as Rachel whips up her famous English Trifle.
  2. Cheers, “Thanksgiving Orphans” – This is one of the few episodes where the gang gets out of the bar and shows in your insight into their home lives. Carla hosts Thanksgiving at her new house, and everyone comes by as they have no other plans for the night. Things take a turn when Norm’s turkey takes forever to cook, and you get a look at just how sturdy a sitcom dining room set really is.Image result for the oc fresh margs
  3. The O.C., “The Homecoming” – This is one of the early episodes of The O.C. where loveable nerd Seth Cohen is hit with an issue he’s never had before: deciding between two women. Meanwhile, Marissa and Ryan go to visit Ryan’s brother in jail, and The Cohens have all of the other parents over for dinner. It’s a nice display of what family means (and that family doesn’t have to be blood relatives), and a reminder that it’s totally festive to have margaritas on Thanksgiving.Image result for how i met your mother slapsgiving gif
  4. How I Met Your Mother, “Slapsgiving” – This is another display of how your relatives don’t need to be your only family. The gang spends Thanksgiving with Marshall and Lily as they celebrate their first holiday as a married couple. Throughout the episode, Marshall torments Barney with an impending slap, due to a bet they made in an earlier episode. Friendship and laughter combine to make this a Thanksgiving favorite.

As for real-time options, if you’re not one for Thanksgiving day football, TBS will be airing The Wizard of Oz, and IFC will be having a 24-hour marathon of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.


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