‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Pops Up in Chicago, 60654

Even though Chicago’s been hit with consistent 50 degree weather, Friday felt like a hot Los Angeles night. Ironside Bar & Galley in River North is hosting one of the latest pop-ups: Peach Pit After Dark. For those of you who may not know, the Peach Pit was the major diner hang on the hit teen series, Beverly Hills, 90210. When the cast got to college, it just so happened that the diner opened a section called After Dark to be used as a nightclub (you know, as most diners do).


Walking into the basement of Ironside into After Dark was like stepping back in time. It had the exact same vibe as watching the show on TV. On the show, it is made to look as if After Dark is this gigantic nightclub, when in actuality, the set was likely rather small and probably similar in size to this pop-up.

The decor is all peaches and 90210 cast photos as far as the eye could see. Life-size Dylan McKay’s, Kelly Taylor’s, and co. are in cutout form for fans to swoon over. Cocktails and food items are named after characters and references to the show (e.g. the “Emily Valentine smoke show cocktail”). Check out the full menu here.

Unfortunately, when we walked in, they were closing up shop for the night, so we just took a look around and snapped a few photos. [Editor’s note: Two years ago, there was a convention in Chicago that reunited most of the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. I had the pleasure of recording and documenting the reunion panel. A collection of what I documented from that reunion can be found here (skip to 2:20)]

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