“Sons of Anarchy” Star, Ryan Hurst, Shares Hilarious Fan Encounter

At last year’s Heroes & Villains Fan Fest  in Chicago, fan favorites of hit shows including The Walking DeadArrow, and Agents of SHIELD were brought together in once space. In addition, there was also a mini cast reunion of the now complete, but still beloved, series Sons of Anarchy. During a panel on Sunday afternoon, actors Ron Perlman (Clay,) Ryan Hurst (Opie,) Tommy Flanagan (Chibs,) and Mark Boone Junior (Bobby) gathered to talk with fans about some of their favorite memories from the show.

The conversation eventually turned to the inevitable acknowledgment that most of the characters on the series bit the bullet. When asked how fans took the news of the deaths, Hurst quickly jumped in with an anecdote of a fan encounter. At a recent convention, a fan approached Hurst’s booth and requested that he autograph a receipt. “So, I signed it and I said, ‘why am I signing a receipt?’” recalls Hurst. He then went on to explain that the receipt was for a new TV the fan purchased because he had broken his former television by throwing a beer at the screen following the death of Hurst’s character.

The panel lasted for about half an hour, with the crew sharing that they all own their motorcycles belonging to their characters and Perlman joking that the show was originally titled Sons of Katy Sutter.

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